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At Home Painting

Prepare for a Night of Fun with Our At Home Paint Kit

When was the last time that you fed your creative soul? If painting parties with your friends just isn't happening these days, schedule a quarantine version with an At-Home Paint Kit from Paint Wine and Good Times LLC. Scroll through our online shop and find the right-sized canvas and we will add the rest of the supplies needed to create your masterpiece.

Sip and At Home Painting is the Perfect Pair

There is no need to wait for your favorite restaurant to resume its Sip and Paint Nights. Pick up a bottle of your favorite vintage, schedule a Zoom call with your friends, and set up an At Home Painting Party! Rediscover the joy that gossip, art, and a toast can bring to your entire week. Pick your subject from a favorite vase to a pic snapped on your last vacation and put your brush to the canvas.

Everything You Need to Complete Your Next Masterpiece

Each of our kits includes everything needed to set your amateur painter free! Pick the size canvas you want to work on and then add the extras. We can pack just the paint and brushes or include an easel with your order. There is no need to visit an art supply store and guess what you should add to your cart. We are the experts! We only use the best in oil and acrylics designed for ease of use and net beautiful results.

Stop staring at the television and release some of that pent-up creative energy! Order your own paint kit from Paint Wine and Good Times LLC today!

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