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  • Where is the company located?
    We are in Richmond VA
  • What makes the company difference?
    We believe in fun, family, and having a good time. We believe in having fun in a relaxing atmosphere that makes you want to paint. We want you to be in your home having some great music on and painting your masterpiece! We want you to unwind for the stress of the day and week. We want you to do something that allows your creativity to come through. Once the masterpiece you have recreated is complete the only thing you can do is smile. Now the hardest thing for you now to figure out is, “Where I am going to hang this?”
  • Why is your company only online?
    We are only online due to COVID-19. We believe in your safety first. In the future we are so excited to find a location for you, friends, and family to come in and enjoy yourself!!
  • Can Paint Wine and Good Times come to you?
    Yes, we can if you (the business) assure that safety protocol will be met. We want to make sure our employees are safe. What we will do is set up the event and leave.
  • What kind of payments do you take?
    MasterCard Visa American Express PayPal
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